Seattle IVF Clinic Is First to Use SonixTouch Ultrasound Machines Integrated With ARTworks Clinical

Posted by BK Ultrasound on Aug 29, 2011 8:00:00 AM

Seattle Reproductive Medicine is the first clinic to begin using the SonixTouch system combined with ARTworks® Clinical, Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software for the fertility industry. All four of its locations are now enjoying the integration of two of the industry’s most popular technologies. “We recently connected our ARTworks system with the Ultrasonix machines and the integration is seamless,” said Brad Senstra, Executive Director of Seattle Reproductive Medicine. “The ability to take patient measurements and have the data transfer automatically to our EMR saves time and reduces errors.”

Sonix's SonixTouch ultrasound system for IVF is specifically designed for reproductive endocrinologists.  Its Auto Follicle Measurement Tool enables fast follicle measurement by automatically generating measurements and reports when users select follicles on the touch screen.  The ease of use and quick responsiveness of the tool makes it popular with doctors running busy practices.

SonixTouch also features the ability to record an entire exam in high definition directly onto the system, allowing patients to receive video clips of the embryo implantation and the baby's first heartbeat on a USB Key.

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Written by BK Ultrasound