Ultrasound for Neurosurgery Applications

Posted by BK Ultrasound on Mar 27, 2014 6:30:00 PM

Watch our video interview of Dr. Quigley to learn how he uses ultrasound for neurosurgery, and the benefits he enjoys from integrating ultrasound with a guidance system. You will also learn how Dr. Quigley has successfully integrated his BK ultrasound system with BrainLab Neuronavigation technology.

With ultrasound imaging, Dr. Quigley:

  • Accesses the degree of brain shift
  • Identifies the exact position of cysts and whether they’ve been decompressed
  • Confirms catheter position
  • Tracks needle position with real time imaging
  • Judges the degree of resection, particularly in high grade brain tumors
  • Identifies potential postoperative hematomas

Gavin Quigley is a consultant neurosurgeon in Belfast, UK who works in a large NHS teaching hospital serving a population of 1.8 million people. For the last six years, Dr. Quigley has used ultrasound as the mainstay for many procedures he performs daily such as cranial and spinal surgery to see real-time updates of neurosurgery procedures. According to Dr. Quigley, 60-70 percent of his colleagues use ultrasound regularly for neurosurgery procedures.

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